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CCGI Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct clarifies what the CCGI expects of its members and provides for disciplinary measures to be taken against members whose conduct is unacceptable to the CCGI and its mission.

Adherence to the Code of Conduct is a condition of membership – members are liable to face disciplinary action if, after due process, they are found guilty of misconduct which includes any act likely to bring discredit to the member or the Institute.

By joining the CCGI each member undertakes and agrees:

  1. to comply with CCGI’s policies, terms and conditions applicable to members of the Institute;
  2. to act at all times in such a way so as not to bring themselves or the Institute into disrepute whether in their personal or professional capacity;
  3. to conduct themselves in a professional manner with the highest standards of honesty and integrity, exercising diligence, loyalty, reliability, responsiveness and due care in carrying out their duties and responsibilities, with courtesy and consideration towards others;
  4. to respect the pillars of good corporate governance which are based on the principles of transparency, accountability, fairness and responsibility;
  5. to not act in any way which may be in conflict with the legitimate interests of their employer or the organizations on which they serve, or which would prejudice the performance of their professional duties and shall act with sound judgment and with such reasonable care and skill that can be expected of them;
  6. to comply with:
    a)    all applicable laws and regulations which govern the organizations in which they serve;
    b)    the National Corporate Governance Code, as applicable to the organization(s) in which they serve;
    c)    the written codes of conduct of all organizations with which they are associated; and
    d)    the codes of conduct and the standards of all professions and associations to which they belong;
  7. that they:
    a)    have not been found guilty in any criminal or similar proceeding of fraud, market manipulation, fraudulent misrepresentation, insider trading or other similar offence;
    b)    have not been subject to any penalties or sanctions imposed by a court, regulatory, administrative or self-regulatory body for conduct while acting in the capacity of director or officer of any corporation or in a similar capacity on behalf of any other organization except as disclosed.

    c)    are not aware of any alleged conduct that might lead to the consequences in (a) or (b) above;
  8. to notify the CCGI as soon as practicable if any of the events described in paragraph (6) above occur subsequent to joining the CCGI and during the term of CCGI membership;
  9. to bear the collective responsibility for preserving the integrity of the Institute by notifying the Institute of any violation of this Code by a fellow member that may jeopardize the reputation or credibility of the membership as a whole;
  10. to respond in a timely manner to any communication from the Institute requesting information or comments in relation to a complaint or suspected breach; and
  11. that the CCGI has the discretion to refuse membership in the CCGI to any person, and to revoke the membership in the CCGI of any person, in appropriate circumstances, including where there has been a breach of the CCGI Member’s Code of Conduct.

    All members are required to sign this Code of Conduct on an annual basis and update their confidential membership profile section in case that they need to notify the CCGI in accordance with paragraph 7 above.

Download the CCGI's Professional Code of Conduct here

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