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Professional Development 

A well-functioning board of directors is critical to the performance of companies and their capacity to attract capital. 

Good corporate governance is key to the effective functioning of the board. A sound corporate governance framework helps to ensure that corporate boards effectively monitor managerial performance, use resources wisely, and achieve an adequate rate of return for shareholders, while preventing conflicts of interest.

Directors need a firm understanding of corporate governance to fulfil their duties effectively and responsibly. They also need to keep abreast of practical and theoretical developments in the direction of their company.

This calls for adequate and specialized training and professional development.

Lead Better - The Certificate and Diploma in Corporate Governance 

The Institute offers the Certificate and Diploma in Corporate Governance that is geared towards enhancing the corporate governance knowledge base and skillset of current and aspiring directors. 

These programmes offer an interactive and exceptional learning experience which tailors international standards to address local and regional challenges.

Our content has been designed by global leaders on corporate governance. Our curriculum is delivered by trained experts and guest lecturers from leading institutions.

The size of each session is carefully managed to maximize the learning experience for each member. There is an emphasis on developing leadership and analytical skills while using interactive strategies that leverage the existing skills and experiences of participants.

To learn more about these programs, click here: Chartered Director Programme

Find Answers. Be Inspired - Seminars and Other Event

The Institute also hosts a series of seminars on key topics for executives and senior management. To learn more about our upcoming events, click here to access our Events Calendar 

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