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The pursuit of excellence starts with the individual.
But collectively, we build a movement with the potential to create systemic change.

Members of CCGI represent the most senior and influential business leaders in the Caribbean. Join this exclusive network of individuals who are striving to improve the quality of corporate governance by becoming the most effective directors possible.

Four main membership benefits

  1. Being part of and having access to a world-wide network of trustable Corporate Governance Leaders who have committed publicly to applying the highest corporate governance standards of their respective countries;
  2. Regional and Local Networking with peers - new contacts, strengthened relationships, enhanced opportunities for yourself and your organization;
  3. Developing and shaping best practice Corporate Governance Standards across the Caribbean;
  4. Enhanced professional value, career prospects, and confidence as a result of having access to recognized World Class Education in the Caribbean (CCGI has achieved registered institution status with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago -  ACTT) at discounted prices. 

Detailed list of membership benefits

  • Access to, and listing in, our Directory of over 100 Directors and Executives from across the Caribbean
  • Recruitment of Board/Committee positions from amongst our Membership
  • 1 free admission to a Learning Seminar organised by CCGI for new members
  • Preferential rates on seminars and events 
  • Opportunity to contribute towards research and policy through participation on CCGI Committees
  • Invitations to exclusive, members-only events and roundtable discussions
  • Access to Board Meetings, General Meetings and Annual General Meetings
  • Membership – affiliation, credibility
  • Code of ethics
  • Networking
  • Representation and collective action
  • Education and training
  • Customized templates and guides for easier and faster work
  • Credentials
  • Information exchange / awareness
  • Newsletters, research & presentations covering local, regional, international developments
  • Enhanced career opportunities
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Future: insurance at preferential rate, and more.
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