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Chartered Director Programme (C.Dir.)

The Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute (CCGI)  provides the Certificate and Diploma Courses in Corporate Governance that lead to the Chartered Director qualification in the Caribbean. This program provides an integrated system of learning which combines the requisite knowledge, skills,  as well as demonstrated and validated experience in a well established and coherent framework which ensures that participants are also kept up to date on strategic issues and changes that affect organizations. 

Qualifying as a Chartered Director has profound impacts

  1. Your integrity will be confirmed and strengthened, as will your commitment and capability to act consistently with you moral and legal duties
  2. You will be empowered by new knowledge, skills and experiences
  3. Your will gain in confidence in leading through and transforming complex and strategic dilemmas

How to Become a Chartered Director

The diagram below demonstrates the progressive process to achieve Chartered Director status.  It begins with a Certificate Programme followed by a Diploma and Chartered Director Programme. At each stage there is a final assignment and examination process.  

What you can do when you qualify as a Chartered Director...

On the basis of your C.Dir. you

  1. Demonstrate your integrity and commitment to moral and legal duties;
  2. Demonstrate your mastery of new knowledge, skills and experience;
  3. Improve the effectiveness of your contribution to board or governing body debate, decision making and practices;
  4. Uphold standards for directorship and sound corporate governance;
  5. Provide evidence of your commitment to on-going professional learning;
  6. Demonstrate to stakeholders (including shareholders, executive management, regulators, clients and customers) that your organisation is effectively governed.
  7. Operate at a strategic level that builds upon the strengths of the organisation and exploits opportunities within the business environment in order to maintain sustainable growth.
  8. Enhance your career prospects as an executive director or non-executive director.

The following infographic compares the CCGI's C.Dir. Programme with two others

Comparing CCGI's C.Dir. Programme with two other comparable programmes

When you qualify there are a number of issues you no longer struggle with because...

  1. You will have greater confidence in dealing with complex and strategic dilemmas
  2. You and your board will be making better decisions in the board room
  3. You have a moral compass for better decision making
  4. Professional standards and code protects you from politicisation of the board room
  5. Easier to keep board current – moving people on and off
  6. You can focus on the important stuff – compliance, tools, templates, guides, network are all taken care off.

1. Certificate Program

The Certificate Programme is a modular programme consisting of four parts which can be taken in any order: 

Part 1 - Corporate Governance

Part 2 - The Board

Part 3 - Strategy & risk

Part 4 - Corporate Reporting

2. Diploma Program

  1. Two Workshops

  2. Followed by an assignment and an examination

3. Chartered Director

Requires Completion of Evidence-based assignment on Leadership at Board level

Why Become a Chartered Director 

Achieving the status of Chartered Director, means that a Director or Executive has demonstrated an internationally accepted level of competence in the key areas of Governance, Finance, Strategy and Leadership as it pertains to Board performance. As such, the Chartered Director is equipped to make a valuable contribution to any Board through a breadth of knowledge and experience that will increase the quality of stewardship that is being demanded of Boards in today’s dynamic landscape.

Who Can Become a Chartered Director

Executive committee members
Executive Directors
Vice Presidents

Non-Executive Directors
General Managers

Company Secretaries
Corporate Governance Executives

Legal Counsels
Chief Risk Officers

Internal Audit Officers
Senior Managers

This Programme is relevant for participants from :

 Multinational Companies  Listed companies
 State Owned Enterprises    Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)
    Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)  Family Businesses

Participants in the Chartered Director Programme are joining good company

Certificate in Corporate Governance Leaders in Barbados
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