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Phase II of the TTCGC

in September 2014, a new Working Group, consisting of a diverse team of industry stakeholders, was established by the Code Partners.  The focus of the Working Group is to facilitate Phase II of the TTCGC  and help to achieve the objectives of the TTCGC, which are to:

1.     Enhance Business Governance and Performance
2.     Strengthen Transparency and Efficiency in the Market
3.     Improve the Investment Culture

The Working Group, consisting of  diverse, committed, and industry leaders, is working to achieve the following specific deliverables:

1.     To maximize the penetration of TTCGC across companies, sectors, roles and industries.
2.     To provide practical tools, resources and understanding to potential users of the Code and enable companies to adopt best practices for their organization in a manner most beneficial to them
3.     To create mechanisms for (i) gathering continuous feedback (ii) evaluation and (iii) recommendations for revisions that would inform the timing, direction and content of future updating of TTCGC taking into account national and international developments.

Members of the Working Group

Representing Partner Organisations

Michelle Persad

Chief Executive Officer, Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Ltd

Catherine Kumar

Chief Executive Officer, Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Axel Kravatzky

Chairman, CCGI


Representing the Secretariat

Christal Lezama

Marketing and Projects Officer


Working Group Members

Ronnie Bissessar

Attorney; Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute Member

Joanne Salazar

Vice President - Strategy & Corporate Services, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited,  Executive Officer, Representing The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago

Wayne Dass

Chief Executive Officer, Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Ltd.

Brian Frontin

Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute Member

Peter Ganteaume

Deputy Chairman, Guardian Holdings Ltd.

Stacy-Ann Golding

Audit Partner, KPMG

Roger Hamel-Smith

Beacon Insurance Company Ltd.

Kurt Kisto

Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business

Chandradath Maharaj

Director, Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission

Nadia Mohammed

Director - Risk and Control Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Arnold Niranjan

Service Line Leader, Advisory Services, EY

Jacqueline Quamina

Bankers Association of Trinidad and Tobago; General Counsel, Republic Bank

Ravi Rajcoomar

Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago

Kathryn Budhooram

Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Ltd.

Denise Chin-Pire-O’Reilly

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago

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