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New Members Feature- July to October 2015

04 Nov 2015 1:22 PM | Deleted user

The CCGI Membership is steadily increasing.

We would like to welcome the following new members to the Institute.

  • Adedayo Akande - University of Health Sciences Antigua 
  • Deborah Akande -  University of Health Sciences Antigua 
  • Keisha Baij-Ramsamooj- Intercommercial Bank Limited 
  • Robert Boopsingh- Eschaton Management Services Limited 
  • Karen Carew- Reinsurance Company of T&T Ltd (TRINRE) 
  • Vasantha Chase- Chase Consulting 
  • Randy Connor - RCC Barbados Kingdom 
  • Derrick W Cummins - J&T Bank and Trust 
  • Anthony Flynn - Lazarri and Sampson Ltd 
  • Jason Gordon - Caritrack Ltd 
  • Christina Hyatali - Reinsurance Company of T&T Ltd (TRINRE) 
  • Nicola Joseph - Independent
  • Colleen Murray - Independent 
  • Pernel Roberts - Trinidad and Tobago United Drag Races Association 

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