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Master Class: Overcoming The Most Challenging Board Dilemmas

  • 14 Oct 2014
  • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Courtyard by Marriott, Port of Spain
  • 13


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An essential characteristic of Directors is their ability to deal effectively with dilemmas facing the board. Dilemmas involve situations in which difficult choices have to be made. Board dilemmas can come in many different guises and require considerable skill and judgement to resolve. Knowing how to resolve dilemmas in the boardroom can increase the board’s decision-making effectiveness while keeping your company on the right side of the law and maintaining a good corporate reputation.

  • How do you recognise that you are dealing with the root problem rather than a symptom?
  • How do you generate possible alternatives before selecting an appropriate action?
  • What unintended consequences may be caused by your actions to resolve a dilemma?

    The Masterclass is highly interactive and includes presentations, tools, guides, case studies and simulations to:

    • Explore the root causes of selected dilemmas
    • Examine the issues being raised by the dilemma
    • Describe alternative methods of arriving at a decision
    • Identify various decision outcomes or possibilities.
    • Recommend possible decisions and outcomes.


    Who should attend?

    This is NOT an introductory class and participants should be experienced and currently active. The material covered is more narrowly focused, in-depth, and complementary to that covered in the CCGI Certificate in Corporate Governance. The Certificate Programme does not cover the same material.

    The Masterclass is designed for experienced:

    • Chairmen
    • CEOs
    • Committee Chairs
    • Corporate Directors
    • Corporate Secretaries

    What will be covered?

    This Masterclass will consider five main types of dilemmas facing Boards in the Caribbean:

    1. Lack of clarity associated with Board and Director roles. In complex situations roles and responsibilities become harder to interpret. How should you deal with conflicts of interest and related party transactions?
    2. Dysfunctional behaviour associated with other Board members, Shareholders, Senior Management or other key Stakeholders. How to maintain appropriate professional behaviours when dealing with difficult behaviours such as a dominating Chairman or CEO.
    3. Situational context How do contextual issues such as national culture, ownership structure, family business values and business structure affect dilemmas?
    4. Financial. The Masterclass will discuss the following issues:
      • awarding performance incentives,
      • theft, 
      • fraud, 
      • bribery and 
      • corrupt practices.
    5. Time The Masterclass will consider how dilemmas can significantly change over time.

    Benefits to Participants and Organisations attending this event include knowledge and skills to: 

    • Make better, more efficient and defensible decisions by being able to draw on a wider range of options and being better able to predict their consequences.
    • Exercise leadership to transform Board dysfunctions

    Attendees can also look forward to:

    • An opportunity to address real and practical questions or issues
    • Insights into unintended consequences of the usual reactions to vexing problems.


    • Member- US$700 (TT$4,550)
    • Non-Member- US$850 (TT$5,525
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