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Setting the Standard in Jamaica

In 2006, Jamaica became the first Caribbean country to have a Code on Corporate Governance developed specifically for its needs.

In October 2001, the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica established a Corporate Governance Committee who tasked with the development of the Caribbean's very first Code on Corporate Governance. The PSOJ Code on Corporate Governance was first published in October 2006 and later revised and expanded in 2009 as a two-volume publication providing practical tools for business leaders to build their corporate governance practices.

For more information on the PSOJ or the Corporate Governance Committee, please visit www.psoj.org.

Printed copies of the revised 2009 PSOJ Code on Corporate Governance are available for purchase from the PSOJ or the Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute. Please contact us directly if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

In June 2015 the PSOJ prepared the Final Draft of the "PSOJ Corporate Governance Code 2015". The final draft can be downloaded here.

In September 2015, the PSOJ published the first Corporate Governance Code for Micro, Small or Medium-Sized Enterprises. The final draft of the document can be downloaded here

In November, 2015, the Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute ("the Institute") was pleased to have the opportunity to support the PSOJ by engaging in a Consultative Review of the Draft PSOJ Corporate Governance Code.

In keeping with our pledge to keep our membership informed and to advance the principles of good corporate governance, we are happy to share our contribution that  was respectfully submitted to the PSOJ. Click here to read more: 2015: PSOJ Code Review.pdf 

We encourage their efforts and look forward to working with the PSOJ. 

We wish to thank the PSOJ for this opportunity and the members of the Institute that contributed to this review. 

If you are not a member, please step up and sign up by clicking our membership tab. We'd be happy to foster your drive to made a difference. 

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