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Listed Companies Sub-Committee

Members of this Committee are:

  1. Peter Ganteaume
  2. Stacy-Ann Golding
  3. Axel Kravatzky
  4. Nadia Mohammed
  5. Jacqueline Quamina, Chairperson

Committee Objectives:

To encourage adoption and application of the TTCGC by Listed Companies. The achievement of this goal would be evidenced by statements in a company’s Annual Report.

This Committee is currently working on:

  • Meetings with Listed Companies to build awareness of the TTCGC and encourage adoption 
  • Hosting Capacity Building Sessions on the Code, such as Practical Guidance on Disclosure in Accordance with the TTCGC
  • Meetings with stakeholder bodies and associations to build awareness of the TTCGC and encourage adoption among their members
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